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premium Fall collection

Crafted from premiumacetate, starting at $95

For fall, we’re all about roaming and roving. It’s a season of accelerated movement: the wind picks up, the weather shifts, the days shrink. The whole world changes color. So do our glasses. Each frame is crafted from premium acetate sourced from Italian factory.
wood collection

curvy flowing lines, bullet-shaped design

With wood having to make a comeback. They have the curvy flowing lines, the smooth surfaces, the bullet-shaped (tear-shaped for the ladies) design. There’s even a certain aerodynamic quality to them that proves useful for quick, over the shoulder looks.
Home Try-On

Want to try before you buy? Five pairs, Five days, free trial

Want to try before you buy? Couldn’t be easier or more fun.
Browse our eyeglasses and sunglasses, and hit “Try at home for free” to put them in your box. We’ll ship them out — then take ’em for a spin, get second opinions, and see which ones you like.

Featured items

Glasses help you see and help others see who you are. They are an expression of character,
of the person you’ve become after you’ve been forged in the white heat of life.
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